Flight tracking demo

Tennotech's camera geo tracking solutions are able to track object based on GPS-data from mobile carriers such as a person with a cellular phone or even airplanes and boats.


We are able to customize this product after the needs of our customers.

The system works with geo-fence as well for triggering cameras when entering or exiting.


  • Airport tracking plain with Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B) as additional source for accurate position.
  • Fixed security cameras with geolocation information on alarm tracking object.
  •  IoT equipment with GPS coordinates.




press play

See the demo by pressing play on the embedded link.


Geolocation Tracking with Ptz-camera

  • Bosch MIC IP 7000 tracking airplane from ADS-B transponder data.
  • GeoDefense area start control of camera.
  • Västerås airport (ESOW)


Picture in picture to show the movement on the camera, the video is showed in various speeds for timing reasons. Original file is available upon request.



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